When we talk about sustainability, what do we mean by that and how does that translate to the things we do? You can find it below.

First of all, we find something sustainable when it is made with respect for people and the environment and if it is of good quality.

Let's face it: you're most sustainable when you don't buy sportswear at all. Of course, that's quite difficult, but you can pay attention to what you're buying. That's why we like to tell you what we do in the field of sustainability:

  • The fabrics we work with are largely made from recycled polyester or from fast-growing commodities like bamboo At the moment, the mesh (the hole dust in the knee cavities of the trousers) is not yet made of durable material, but our goal is to make all materials more sustainable. We have just started and our numbers are not so large yet, which means that it is sometimes difficult to get small numbers or quantities of meters delivered in sustainable materials. 
  • Most of the fabrics we use are produced for us in the quantities and colors we need. That means that there are no leftovers left with the producer and that everything that is made is also used.
  • The painting and printing of the fabrics is done by companies that do this in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • The clothing itself is in The Netherlands in small numbers. In this way we know that the seamstresses receive a fair fee and work under good conditions. Moreover, we can respond to demand and prevent as many products as possible from 'remaining'.
  • We don't work with collections per season, as many fashion brands do. Sports and exercise are done all year round and we think and hope that our customers don't feel the need to buy a completely new sports wardrobe every season. Of course, new products, colours and prints regularly appear in the webshop. However, because we do not work with permanent collections per season, something is not 'out of fashion'. This also does not give us any products that we have to dispose of or that end up in the 'waste circuit'. So we don't go on sale either, but we have occasional actions.
  • We work with materials that we have extensively tested for washability, colour fastness and the like. The intention, of course, is that the clothes you buy will last as long as possible, which is better for the environment! Read here what you can do to keep your products beautiful for as long as possible.
  • Our packaging materials are made as much of recycled material as possible and at least from material to be recycled.
  • Our suppliers, from bank (Triodos Bank) to insurer, are companies that also attach great importance to sustainability. That's what we picked them out. 

We are not there yet, there is still a lot on our wish list. For example: making yarn and zippers more sustainable, using transport as sustainably as possible and ultimately working towards circular production (recycling of the products). There are still steps to be taken, so we're going to keep working on this. Because we like to look spiffy, but not if this comes at the expense of people and the environment!